Our Mission:

KidAbilities clinic offers Speech Language Therapy for children with any diagnosis. We are a therapist owned and operated clinic located in Georgetown that has been serving families from Temple to Austin for over nine years. Our licensed and experienced clinicians are focused on working with family, physicians, and teachers as a team to enhance every aspect of the child s development. Through one-on-one sessions we improve your child s ability to successfully interact in his/her environment.

Our clinic strives to provide a pleasant experience from intake to discharge. We have an on-site therapeutic gym which provides children the tools necessary to acquire new skills in a fun, creative atmosphere.

Our experienced clinicians can help with the following skills: articulation & speech development, language development, Dysphagia & oral aversion, auditory processing, fluency & stuttering, social & play skills, oral motor & feeding skills, self-help skills, social skills.

KidAbilities also assist with children diagnosed with: developmental delay, learning difficulties, autism/PDD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, ADHD/ADD, Social/Emotional/Behavioral Problems and Apraxia.